Late Winter Weather

Guess who got herself some snow last night?

Then the goblins of salt came and rattled against my window at 6AM – the only reason I am awake now.

I’ve been in the southern US desert so long now that I’ve forgotten what it was like to have a real winter.  Up north, we lived in this apartment complex for a while where the snow plows would clear all the parking lots and pile the snow against the swing sets (a nice metal one, taller than the average small-child swing set) and we would have a mountain of snow to slide down.  We had to bring snow pants to school if we wanted to play in the snow at recess.  We all had a pair of winter boots behind the front door in case of weather.

When Roommate and I moved to Big City, I was so sure we’d get some real weather!  I had visions of Niece (in poofy pink snow pants like I used to have) and I jumping into waist-deep snow and making snow angels.  But we haven’t had much snow.  (Meanwhile, our parents have been struck with an onslaught of snow interrupting our family visits.  Poo.)

We both got “Winter Weather Warnings” on our phones the day before last and I already had to go shopping, so I immediately layered up as warm as I could – because winter weather was coming! – and then it was 70F and sunny and I ended up stripping to my tank top on the way home with the A/C on full blast in my car because I was about to have an asthma attack from all the heat.


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