Eragon Dragon Mark sugar cookies

(I’m going to apologize for the terrible lighting in the photos right now.  Darkness does that…)

Eragon Dragon Mark cookies 2

I’ve been on a dragon kick lately and I tried to make some cookies last night… and between low blood sugar, general exhaustion, and way too much powdered sugar, it was a disaster.  So I went by Hobby Lobby today for some cookie cutter inspiration and found some little hand and feet cutters.  I have some more ideas for these cutters, but for now, here you go.

Eragon Dragon Mark cookies 1

I used a different recipe after the fiasco last night.  I got it from Sally’s Baking Addiction and they turned out great!  I hope you enjoy!

Decoration Ingredients:


  1. Once your cookies are cooled, take your melted red candy and thinly outline and fill the bottom of the cookie.  Press flat onto a piece of parchment.  This will give your cookie a slight moisture barrier on the bottom as well as add some sweetness.  Feel free to use any color you want.
  2. Let the candy harden for 10-15 minutes before carefully removing the cookies from the parchment or it will “tear.”
  3. Draw the design in red melts on the top of the hand.  Before it can cool, cover the candy surface in red sprinkles.  Let harden.  Don’t worry about getting extra sprinkles on your cookie.  Coat it good.
  4. When the candy design has hardened, take a food-safe paintbrush (at least one you haven’t used on non-food materials) and dust off the extra sprinkles.  You can use the extra sprinkles on the other cookies, so don’t waste them!

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