Kriscious Does Some Cooking!

I am a child of my time and nation.  For a very long time, if it wasn’t immediate, it wasn’t worth waiting for.  Sometimes you just have to eat something now, but Roommate has gotten me into fuller, home-cooked meals.  We certainly don’t eat like this every night, but it’s nice to sit at the table with someone, talk about our day (or munch in silence), and just spend some time together.

On the left, we have whole grain penne, steamed broccoli, and pan-fried (unbreaded) chicken breast in a Parmesan cheese sauce.  On the right, brown rice, cabbage, and pan-fried (unbreaded) chicken breast.

For someone who loves to just sit and eat pizza, these were incredibly healthy and surprisingly delicious.  (I hope I can continue to cook like this once I start my full-time job!)  They are also useful to off-set your dietary intake when you eat a Cadbury Creme Egg… not that I would know…


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