Dragonball Glasses

Dragonball glasses 2

I can’t believe I didn’t post these earlier, but these were a gift to Seestor for Christmas!  (I apparently did not photograph them all, but I made all seven.)  Christmas gifts are meant to be kept a secret and then I just forgot to post them.

Dragonball glasses 1

I’ve had a surprisingly good time etching all these glass things!  I’ve made 8 tea glasses, 7 drinking glasses, 2 whatever-the-wine-glasses-without-stems-are-called glasses, a candy jar, a pub glass, and I have more ArmourEtch for future use!

I bought these glasses because they seemed thicker and sturdier than the tea glasses Roommate and I have, but the shape/tilt made the images seemed skewed.  I had to increase the size of the circle at the bottom (not shown) to compensate.  Then I found the smallest star-shaped scrapbooking punch I could find for the stars because I can’t cut out a decent star to save my life.


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