Mountain Dew Lemon Cupcakes

MD Lemon Cupcakes 2

Roommate’s Sorority Sister (Kandy) and her boyfriend came to visit this Valentine’s weekend, so I made us some Mountain Dew Lemon-frosted cupcakes.  There’s not much to say about these cupcakes.  I replaced most of the water with Mountain Dew in a white boxed cake recipe (1 cup MD, 1/4 cup water) and accidentally added 3 full eggs instead of 3 egg whites (I know the chemistry reacts different and it colors the cake, but I can’t say how it would have turned out without the yolks).  2 tbsp of batter in each regular-sized cupcake cup and baked at 325F for 12-14 minutes.

MD Lemon Cupcakes 3 MD Lemon Cupcakes 1

Have a happy Valentine’s Weekend!


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  1. realwifelife says:

    They look so yummy!!!


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