Chocolate Swamp Frogs

Swamp Frogs 1

Avatar: The Last Airbender was a large chunk of my childhood.  Roommate and I had company over (who also appreciates Avatar), so I made us some “Frozen Swamp Frog” candies (season 1, episode 13, “The Blue Spirit”).  These were just a humorous thing from a single episode, but I had a frog mold and I wanted to use it more!

Swamp Frogs 2 B Swamp Frogs 3 B

Swamp Frogs 2

Materials Used:


  • Melt yellow + cocoa candy melts together until you get a mustard yellow.  Draw a single line down each frog’s back.  (I did not bother using a piping tip on this.)  You could also color the eyes (not shown).
  • Melt cocoa melts and draw a strip on both sides of the frog mold’s back.
  • Melt red + cocoa melts until you get a deep red.  Fill the candy molds (once other colors have hardened).  Careful of trapping air bubbles.  (This is when you add fillings, if you desire.)
  • Chill the candies until they are hardened.
  • Melt colorburst/white melts.  Using a toothpick, dab a small amount onto one side of the empty frog mold.  Place a cooled frog back inside, just barely pushing the colorburst/white melts into the shape of the frog mold.
  • Chill, remove from mold, and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these!


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