Valentine’s Day Sweets III

Valentines Chocolate Chip 1

I was in a mood to make cookies, but I didn’t feel like making my usual sugar cookies, so I made Chocolate Chip and just frosted them.  Because PFHTH aesthetics today.  I needed an activity.

What was supposed to be a 2-day trip to my parents turned into an 8-day trip (and I’m spending the night again, so going to be 9-day trip) getting my car repaired.  All of my baking/decorating supplies are at home in Big City, so I worked very simply with these – basic chocolate chip cookies, basic royal icing, basic candy-making bottles to ice.

Valentines Chocolate Chip 2 (frosted)

These two are the only ones really worth showing of my iced cookies (the others mutated under the unusual circumstances of chocolate chip cookies being iced), but I made about 9 of each and left the others plain.

I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!


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