Valentine’s Sweets

Valentines Roses 4

Though I have more chocolates ideas for as soon as I get home (I’m visiting my parents), I went ahead and started making some V-Day treats for my friends and family here in Little City.  (I’ve been staring at these little blobs for so long, they just look like blobs, so in case you can’t tell, they’re roses.)

I purchased a Wilton Baroque mold ($9.99 USD, see it here), a bag of Wilton red candy melts, and used the leftover pretzel salt from my frozen soft pretzels.  (Don’t judge me and my soft pretzels.)  Before cooling your melts, sprinkle a little salt over the back of your molded melts and gently tap the mold to set it into the candy.  It’s amazing how the salt cuts the sweetness.

This mold was designed for fondant/gum paste, so it’s very shallow and the candies come out about the thickness of a cracker.  That doesn’t leave space for fillings, but salted vanilla crackers are good.  One bag of Wilton red candy melts makes a little more of a dozen of these (depending on how often you mess up and how often you… eat them…).


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  1. Helen says:

    These are so cute!🌹


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