Life Update, Jan 2015

So that people don’t think I’ve been avoiding a post this week, I’ve been updating my comics again, both on Tapastic and here on WordPress.  I’ve added in more colors/gradients, highlights and shadows, and just generally touched them up.  The stories haven’t changed.

Deep End, Vengeance Denied, Caffeine Prism Power, Dishes Like Ninja, Glitter, Marshmallows, Seestor Cards, Why We Can’t Have Pets, and my newest updates, Book Formats (coming 2/2) and YOLO Dungeon (coming 2/9).

I also went out and got hired for a new job, which I’m excited about.  Training doesn’t start until mid-February, but I have it landed.  Art will probably slow/halt for a while because of it, but I plan to do a hefty chunk before I start being an adult again.  Then I’ll be able to afford art supplies!  And, you know, my home.  That’s important, too.

Kindest regards,


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