Play-Doh and Sculpey

Saturday and this morning, we had to babysit Niece without much warning, so we turned to the magic of clay.

Charmander Play-Doh

Here we have my attempt at a Play-Doh Charmander, which I’m actually quite proud of considering the medium.  He was disassembled for the sake of a cage for Niece’s disobedient Umbreon, but some things just can’t be helped.

Then we watched the new TMNT movie.  My Sculpey and acrylic paint supplies were unearthed from the bottom of my art trunk and this was the result.

This is definitely one of those suckers that looks cooler in person (the camera picked up a lot of my painting flaws– I mean, made up a bunch of flaws that totally don’t exist).  It’s about 1″ in all directions and has a ring embedded in the top for attaching to either a necklace chain or a keychain hook.  I haven’t decided which to use.


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