A Dragon’s Day with Niece

There was some muss-up over Niece’s school today, so we got to babysit her while none of the neighborhood children were around.  This resulted in a game of How To Train Your Dragon 2 cards that Niece got from a Carl’s Jr. followed by a game of ER (Egyptian Rattrap – I don’t know why it’s called that, but we’ve been playing it since junior high) between Roommate and me, an epic battle of gift wrap cardboard rolls, lunch at Carl’s Jr so I could get my own dragon toy, my dragon toy kissing everything on my shelf, and now Sailor Moon.

Toothless figure, 2015

Roommate and I have a long-standing joke that I’m Niece’s favorite because I’m a sucker.  “You just have SUCKER tattooed on your forehead, that’s why she goes to you when she wants something.”  Well, today that paid off.  While Niece was passing out her dragon tattoos, I got Toothless, I got Hiccup, and Roommate got the ones neither Niece nor I wanted.  Then Niece also helped me attack Roommate with cardboard rolls to the point that Roommate has bruises.  FOR THE HORDE!  I mean, FOR THE DRAGONS!!


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