A Little Redecorating

I’m not very into the idea of “new year, new me,” but rather that I can change whenever I want if I apply myself.  As my job was (apparently) only seasonal, I have found myself with a lot of time at home since the last week of December 2014.  Apparently I felt like being a much neater, cleaner person because I’ve been on a spree.

Apart from the usual (dishes, dusting, mopping, laundry, cleaning mirrors, cleaning my car, taking out trash/recycling), I’ve done a lot of reorganizing around the apartment.  I’m a pack rat and I have to really force myself to throw away things when I feel like I could use it in the future, but most of the clutter in the living room was thrown away or organized into boxes.

Then, there’s my shelf.  THE shelf.  The one that neighborhood kids ask Niece to bring them inside for so they can play with toys off of it.  This is stuff I’ve collected over the years and accumulated in boxes until I set up this shelf in my room.  Some were purchased as actual toys, others as decorations, some as gifts, and some just because.

Shelf, 2014 end

The stuffed Pikachu has been with me since second grade when my best friend of the time moved away.  The Spinarak up top was given to me at my own moving-away party by the boy I had a huge crush on (but I could never tell him…).  I have the trading cards I’ve been collecting since they first came out, comics that I’ve assembled over the last year, candy tins and little figurines, bracelets, patches, ornaments, jewelry, stuffed animals, Sculpey creations, and even old Gameboy games.

Finally, I was not permitted to take Christmas down until Roommate returned from her parents’ house.  With the lights up, I couldn’t reorganize my posters… until today.  They’ve been sitting on the table for so long that we haven’t been able to eat there in three weeks, but I finally got everything up and pretty.  It’s amazing how much cleaner the whole apartment looks with this grid poster wall.  Now we actually have room for more!

Poster Wall, 2014 end

I hope you’ve all had a good holiday season and are sticking to whatever resolutions you’ve made.  May this year be just as good and better!


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