WoW Ore Bars

Ore Treats 4
Eternium (grape) and Fel Iron (green apple) ingots

It’s not the most unique idea in the world – after all, I only used Jolly Ranchers – but if you’re in a hurry to make some geeky treats before a gaming party and are short on cash, it’s an easy idea.  $2-$3 for a medium bag of assorted Jolly Ranchers and $1-$3 for the mold.  I got my mold at Hobby Lobby, but they’re generic and you can get them most any art/food supply store (and Amazon, for instance).  Check if the store offers coupons.  A copper saved is a copper earned!

STEPS:  Gather ore (Jolly Ranchers), smash into bits in a bag with a hammer (preferably of dwarfish make), pour bits of ore evenly into the mold, and smelt at your nearest forge set to 350 F for roughly 5 minutes.  Chill, break out of the mold, and serve.

I do want to learn how to make my own hard candies, but until I’m willing to risk burning myself on hot sugar and possibly ruining one of Roommate’s nice pans (for which she would never forgive me), I might just stick to super-sweet Jolly Ranchers.

I hope you guys enjoy!


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