WoW Ore Snacks

Ore treats 1

Since Roommate and I have been on a WoW-playing kick (she’s still on Winter Break and I just have free time), I decided to make us some WoW munchies.  These are Fel Iron and Adamantite ore deposits from Outland made of Rice Krispie Treats and Jolly Ranchers!

Materials Used:

  • Jolly Ranchers (blue raspberry and green apple)
  • Rice Krispies
  • mini marshmallows
  • butter


  • Make Rice Krispie Treats as dictated by general recipe.  (I added cocoa candy melts to try and color them, but it does mess with the consistency and the color wasn’t worth it.)
  • While treats are cooling, unwrap blue and green Jolly Ranchers and organize them by color in plastic bags.  Smash into pieces with hammer.  (One or two well-placed strikes does the job nicely – you still want big pieces.)
  • When treats are cool enough to touch, cut into even pieces and roll into balls.
  • Stick pieces of broken Jolly Ranchers indiscriminately into Rice Krispie balls.
  • Enjoy!  (Beware, they’re sharp!)

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