Christmas Loot – part 2

While I thoroughly enjoy presents (giving and getting), they are not what really matter.  Honest.  Getting the time off to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family means far more to me than the gifts – the gifts are just what remind me throughout the year that I got to spend Christmas with my family – memories of the look on Seestor’s face when she opened her blu-ray player or Roommate when she opened her giant stack of summer reading.

However, I got some awesome presents, so here goes.

  • Pokemon XY Phantom Forces TCG Trainer Box

Pokemon Trainer Box 2

This one was technically a late birthday gift.  I haven’t seen my Seestor since my birthday, so I got it 1.5 days before Christmas.  Inside was the biggest expanse of Pokemon Cards I have received at once, two of which being foil EX cards (Gengar EX and Manectric EX), along with Mega Gengar-themed card sleeves, seven themed dice, and two plastic status counters.  Because I put all of my Pokemon cards in Pokedex order, this box now contains the whole of my Kantos cards.

  • Comic Sleeves / Boards

Comic Sleeves 1

This may seem like a stupid thing to get as a present, I have my reasons for wanting my comics (and trading cards) in plastic.  By High School, I had hundreds upon hundreds of pages of my own comics/drawings in binders (and in binder sleeves) on the shelf beneath my humidifier.  I come home, my humidifier has sprung a leak, and all my hundreds of drawings – character sketches, full pages, multiple stories – are soaked……..but only two pages were damaged (and only slightly) because everything was in sleeves.  So yeah, sleeves are going on everything, whether or not they’re near a humidifier.

  • Trading Card sleeves

TCG sleeves 1

While on the topic, I also got some beautiful light blue trading card sleeves (Cyan is my favorite color, so these are as close as you can get and they’re gor-ge-ous).

  • Roku LT…

Roku LT 1

…which I have lovingly decided shall be named Avatar Roku, because that’s just going to stick in my mind forever.  A Walking Dead marathon on the big TV without unplugging cords and cables?  Priceless.

  • K mug

K mug 1

From my grandparents.  It was filled with chocolates, hot chocolate mix, and a candy cane.

  • Video Games

Arkham Origins 1 Link Between Worlds 1

  • Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow 1

I’ve been trying to expand my Blu-ray collection since I bought a player the Black Friday before last, but it’s only gone up a little.  Roommate and I try to buy Blu-rays now when movies we like come out.  This was just one I’ve wanted a copy of for a while.

  • Magic The Gathering cards

Magic cards 1

I couldn’t decide between a whole M15 deck or just a booster pack – I really wanted the Siege Dragon from the deck – but then the booster pack I bought had one in it.  It’s not holographic, of course, but the artwork is why I love these cards.  (I don’t care what you say, Seestor, the artwork is beautiful!)

  • Tetrimino Stickers

Tetrimino Stickers 1 Tetrimino Stickers 2

A gift from Seestor’s boyfriend.  While Tetris itself kicks my butt, I do like it – hence the Tetris quilt I made earlier this year – so this went directly on my laptop.

  • Crayola pencil case

Crayon Bag 1

This one was bought with Christmas money, while also buying some new clothes, but it was $1.00 and I needed a new bag for carrying my power cords when I travel.  I wish you could feel it.  It’s fuzzy.  I have a fuzzy blue crayon bag.  My life is so great.

And let’s not forget my beautiful Sailor Jupiter.


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