Christmas Loot – part 1

Since Roommate, Niece, and I weren’t going to be together for Christmas, we opened our Christmas presents to each other right before we left for Christmas at our parents’!

  Sailor Jupiter figurine 1Sailor Jupiter figurine 4Sailor Jupiter figurine 3

I’m not sure if it was my little obsession with Sailor Jupiter when Sailor Moon Crystal came out or how I went to look at the Sailor Moon/DC figures every time Roommate and I went to Barnes & Noble, but Roomie got me an interchangeable Sailor Jupiter figurine!  She has four faces, two bangs, and six sets of hands to make your own poses!  Unfortunately, her left arm has a habit of falling out of its socket, so I can’t make her do the Jupiter Thunder pose like I wanted, but I made her nice and friendly on my shelf with the rest of my toys.  I LOVE HER~

Someday, I need to take a good picture of all the madness on my shelf so people will understand why the neighborhood children keep asking if they can play with stuff on it.


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