Strawberry Pokepuffs!

Strawberry Pokepuffs 4

To celebrate our (recent) birthdays, today I made Roommate and I strawberry Pokepuffs!

Strawberry Pokepuffs 1

Introduced in the Kalos region of Pokemon (X and Y), an app called Pokemon Amie allowed you to pet, play with, feed, and build friendships with your Pokemon individually.  When you played games together, you received Pokepuffs to feed to your Pokemon.  There are several qualities of Pokepuffs in at least five flavors: Cherry, Lime, Orange, Chocolate, and Coffee.

Okay, so strawberry wasn’t a flavor, but I bought strawberry flavoring weeks ago to make a strawberry cake of some kind and this just worked out.

Strawberry Pokepuffs 2

Strawberry Pokepuffs 3

I used a box white cake mix and a single tub of white frosting, strawberry frosting, red food coloring, and chewy SweetTarts for the “cherry” on top.  Originally, I was going to do half strawberry and half lime, but then I didn’t pay attention and put too much water in the strawberry and it just wasn’t worth the effort or extra shopping trip to fix.

To frost, put at least a ring of white around the edge of the cupcake (if you have the frosting to do more, by all means, but a single tub of frosting does not have enough for this).  I recommend finishing all of your cupcakes and doing all of the white at once before dyeing/flavoring the frosting, for the sake of consistency.  When you have dyed/flavored the rest of the frosting, start at the white ring/edge and draw in to the center from all around.  Swirl the excess at the center of the cupcake and place a fruit/candy on top.

Strawberry Pokepuffs 5

I hope you enjoyed seeing my delicious birthday treats!


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  1. Arielle says:

    They look so cute and delicious!! <3


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