Slytherin House Scarf – new project!

image from “cinereplica” listing

Okay, I haven’t actually started it yet… but I sort of have.  I tried to start it yesterday – I bought green and silver yarn and knitting needles – but I’ve never really knitted before, so I totally bought the wrong kind of needle.  Went back, bought other needles, and they’re also the wrong kind.  I don’t like the green I picked out, either.  So we’re going to pretend I haven’t started yet, kay?

Summer before last, I was up visiting part of the family I rarely get to see and my aunt tried to teach me how to knit, but between knitting, video games with the cousin and uncle, trading cards with the cousin and other uncle, taking Grandma out to shop, and visiting my other cousin… I didn’t get much knitting done.  I really wanted a knit, not crocheted, scarf, so I’ve been scouring YouTube how-to videos and practicing with the green I’m no longer going to use.

Luckily, my workplace is having a yarn event where all yarn is on sale and I get added employee discount on top of that, so I’ll be stopping by there as soon as I eat my baking pizza and I finish my laundry.  (Stupid life.  So time consuming.)  If this scarf goes well, I want to try making matching wristies (wrist warmers, fingerless gloves that don’t have separate holes for the fingers, whatever the heck you want to call them) because it’s already getting nice and cold up here in the mountains and I LOVE IT.


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