Heart Quilt – day 9

Heart Quilt day 9

I had to wait for more fabric to continue the quilt, but here is the progress I have made!  (Compared to the tetris quilt’s 3″ squares, the heart’s 4.5″ squares are going incredibly fast.)  There will be another two rows of blue beneath the heart and then I need to see how it fits against Niece as to whether it needs to be made even bigger.  The final touches will be an outline of alternating pink and an outline of alternating blue around the whole of the blanket.  (I might make it two outlines of alternating pink, for size.)  I want Niece to use this for a long time to come, not just grow out of it in a year, and she’s growing like a weed…

At this point, I think I’m going to find purple patterned fabric to quilt the underside.  I found some “clear” thread that I’m going to sew squiggles through everything when the batting is in place.


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