Chocolate Frogs!

My frog mold came in today and the madness has begun!

Chocolate Frogs 1a

I wish I had gotten the mold with smaller frogs, just because their backs are smoother (more like in the movies) and they’re bite-sized instead of overwhelming, but live and learn.  These were a great size for filling with marshmallow cream.

Chocolate Frogs 1b



  1. Make sure your mold is clean and dry before beginning.  (You will want to hand-wash it before its first use.)
  2. Melt your candies in a container you can squeeze (a bottle or piping bag).
  3. Pour a layer of chocolate into the bottom of each mold.  With a food-safe brush, paint the chocolate up the sides of each mold so that the outside is covered.
  4. Let chill.
  5. Put marshmallow creme into a container you can squeeze (preferably a disposable piping bag because this stuff is STICKY).  If it is hard to control / too thick, heat in the microwave (10 sec or so).  Add food coloring BEFORE putting into piping bag.
  6. When chocolates are cooled, squeeze some marshmallow creme into the mold.  Be careful not to fill it to the brim!  Keep the marshmallow creme in the center of the mold.
  7. Add melting chocolate on top of the marshmallow creme and chill again.

I hope you enjoy!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Reminds me of the old Monty Python sketch “Crunchy Frog Chocolates” : )


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