Should’ve Seen That Coming…

I was working on Niece’s quilt last night with old movies on.  When the 1970’s The Hobbit was over, I put in the old, animated Lord of the Rings on VHS.  I had to fast-forward through the previews (ha, I forgot how annoying that task always was!) when we stumbled across a legit movie preview for the very first Harry Potter film.  Do YOU remember the magic beginning Nov 16th?

That led to a Harry Potter watching today and, in turn, the plans to make chocolate frogs.  I can get melting chocolates from work on discount (have I mentioned how much I love my job and its perks??), I have a frog mold (Cybertrayd) coming in the mail, and if I grab a jar of marshmallow cream and my green food coloring, I can make green-filled chocolate frogs at my parents house when I go next weekend.

(tray from Cybertrayd)  (tray on Amazon)

…I should know by now not to get carried away with the geeky ecstasy of watching old movies, but I’ve had an itch to bake foodstuffs that chocolate chip cookies didn’t settle last night and, really, what event – or random Thursday – could possibly be lessened by the addition of marshmallow-filled chocolate frogs?  That’s right.  None.


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