Game of Thrones Puzzle

Game of Thrones puzzle (11-2014)

There’s a little old Hastings right near where I work and I decided to see what they had to entertain me.  I went into the tiny little store… and realized it was four times larger and nicer and newer-looking than it appeared from outside.  I was all kinds of happy.  Didn’t have the money for everything, but I found me a 500-piece (18″ x 24″) puzzle to occupy my time.  After about eight hours and a ninja bobby pin flung at my Roommate, I’ve finally finished it.

This… really doesn’t count as artwork or anything “self-made,” really, but it’s keeping me entertained.  Now I have to find somewhere on my shelf to fit the box and still have space for the TMNT DVDs as they come out…..


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