Mini Heart Quilt – day 1

I didn’t get much crochet done today thanks to a 10-hour babysit session containing at least two hours of shopping and three hours of trying to find my missing keys, but apparently being stressed about my lost keys makes me a fast quilter.  (Seriously, Roommate and I picked up the couch and shook it, dug through the trash that included yesterday’s raw meat containers, tore apart my bedroom and car three times each, and I had fully resigned myself to having to buy new keys when I picked up my laptop and found my lanyard underneath.)

Heart Quilt day 1

I’ve been playing with the idea of making another Tetris quilt, but with patterned colors instead of flat colors.  My great-grandmother made my sister and I quilts when we were younger and we literally used those things all the time – for curling up to watch TV, on road trips, just wandering the house in winter – so I decided to make a small quilt for Niece, who is going to turn 7 later this week.  It should be about 4′ x 4′, though I may add another layer of blue around the outside when it’s finished if I don’t think it’s big enough for her.

…….I can’t believe my laptop stole my keys for three full hours.  I was so stressed out, it’s not even funny.


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