Obnoxious Afghan – Progress to Completion

Day 2 b

Day 2 and the second color set has begun.  Subtle dark blue and neon orange.

I am using Canson Simply Soft acrylic yarn and crocheting two skeins (two separate colors) together at once.  Each of the stripes is “one skein” wide and it will be repetitive three stripe color combinations.

Day 5

Day 5.  When finished, it should be large enough to cover a full sized bed or, more importantly, my Roommate when she feels like cocooning herself every cold winter morning.

Day 7

Day 7.

Day 9

Day 9.  I have to wait for my next paycheck to buy more yarn as Christmas projects have taken up a large sum (despite the wondrous discounts) of my paycheck.

day 15

Day 15.  Progress has been slow; I finally got paid and then the store was out of the color I needed.  I’ve started making a quilt for Niece on the side to keep me occupied.  Still, I’m getting close.

Day 17

Day 17 – project complete!


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