Gaming Glitches

Don’t ask me why, but I have the entertaining habit of, when a video game glitches, I take a picture of it.

First, let’s talk Sims.  I began with a character I made of myself (of course).  She went to the library one day, met a guy, and they had a private wedding in the library bathroom about 2 game hours later.  He was a brilliant scientist, but for some reason, he loved to go to work naked………  I’ve never seen a Sim naked without pixelation, but he got through just fine.  What a man, right?

WP_20140926_002 WP_20140926_001
Potty training our son while his phone rings – where does he keep that?? – and just home from work.

When the reaper finally came for me, I haunted the house and would. not. leave.  I would haunt the fridge, kill my beloved garden, and generally taunt everyone in my family.  My husband, though, encountered the reaper three times, but managed to slip away so often that the reaper just took one of my kids’ beds and read a book.

Reaper - Game of Thorns

Then, of course, there are the spontaneous floating monsters in World of Warcraft.


And finally, Lara Croft caught dancing on the edge of a cliff.




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  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I always like a good glitch : )


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