Konoha Ninja Brownies

Konoha Brownies 1

Roommate wanted to bake and had a fun boxed cake mix, but it didn’t give enough batter for what the ingredients said to do and it just turned out bad.  So we went shopping and I baked more brownies!

Using the remains of my green vanilla and light cocoa candy melts, I decorated some brownies from the village hidden in the leaves.

Konoha Brownies 2


  • Boxed brownie mix (and ingredients listed thereon)
  • candy melts (green, light cocoa)
  • a squeeze bottle or piping bag for each melting candy color
  • template of candy design


  1. Prepare your brownie mix in a 9″ x 13″ baking pan as instructed on the box (or your favorite recipe).  (I added white chocolate chips to mine.)
  2. Cut off the “crispy” edges with a plastic knife.  (Enjoy them while they’re warm.  Yum.)  Divide the remaining brownies into 24 pieces (4 rows of 6 brownies) or whatever size is required for your designs.  Ten rows straight across?  Do it.
  3. I used Photoshop to replicate the Konoha design on my computer 24 times (or however many you need).  Reverse the image before printing.
  4. Tape a piece of parchment paper over your design on a flat surface.  Melt your green candies (the main color of your design) and trace over the green of your pattern.  Let cool.
  5. Melt your cocoa candies (the secondary color) and fill in the spaces of the green design to give it more body.  This will help keep the designs from breaking when you remove them.
  6. While your cut brownies are still warm, remove your cooled candy melt designs and flip them over so that the flat underside is on top (and the image is no longer reversed).  Lay one candy on each brownie piece.  The residual heat will melt the candy onto the brownies while still retaining their shape.  (I also drizzled remaining cocoa candies across each brownie piece, in case your brownies cool too much before you place the candies.)

I hope you enjoy!

I was totally a Naruto nerd when it first came out.  I stopped watching around episode 100 because school started getting serious, but started Shippuden a few years later.  It’s one of those nostalgic stories from my youth.  (I can’t watch What Does the Fox Say? without thinking of Naruto.)  Late in high school, Roommate bought me a Kohona bandanna for my birthday.  I let Pikachu wear it from time to time…



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