Earth Kingdom Brownies

Earth Kingdom brownies 2

I bought my silicone square mold specifically for Minecraft dirt block brownies, but apparently no amount of no-stick spray will make them detach, so you get Earth Kingdom brownies instead!

Earth Kingdom brownies 1


  • boxed brownie mix or recipe of your choice (and the ingredients dictated for that recipe)
  • candy melts (light cocoa, green)


  1. Prepare your brownie mix in a 9″ x 13″ baking pan as instructed on the box (or your favorite recipe).
  2. Cut off the edges with a plastic knife.  (You can eat them now, if you wish.)  Divide the remaining brownies into whatever size you require for your design.
  3. I used Photoshop to replicate the design on my computer.  Reverse the image before you print it out.
  4. Tape a piece of parchment paper over your design on a flat surface.  Melt your green candies (or the primary color) and trace over the green of your pattern.  Let cool.
  5. Melt your cocoa candies (or the secondary color) and fill in the spaces of the green design to give it more body.  This will help keep the designs from breaking when you remove them.
  6. While your cut brownies are still warm, remove your cooled candy melt designs and flip them over so that the flat underside is on top (and the image is no longer reversed).  Lay one candy on each brownie piece.  The residual heat will melt the candy onto the brownies while still retaining their shape.  (I also drizzled remaining cocoa candies across each brownie piece, in case your brownies cool too much before you place the candies.)

I hope you enjoy!


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