Bookshelf! – a ramble

After the aquarium, Mommy took us shopping and bought me a new bookshelf.  Now I have this great, dark mass in my room covered in geekery and I love it!

Bedroom 1

(There’s my Tetris quilt, for those who were waiting to see it completed!)

Bedroom 2

A few boxes remain, needing to be unpacked, but the shelf space certainly gives me somewhere to put more things.  (My closet shelves seem so empty now…)

Roommate and I assembled her bedroom desk together a few days ago, so we cracked down on this shelf as soon as we got home from dinner.  The plan was to go swimming afterward and watch a movie – by the time we were done, it was nearly 9:30pm and the pool locks at 10pm.  So I set up my shelf, covered it in jazz, put away our remaining groceries, hung some new Command hooks (I love those things so much), washed dishes, cleaned my bathroom… and now I’m wide awake and it’s past bedtime.  Oh, the humanity!!


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  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I’m greatly admiring your quilt. Is it handmade by chance? My mother was a quilt maker, and it reminds me of some of her wilder designs.


    1. kriscious says:

      It was indeed handmade! I have some earlier blog posts about my progress making it (Artworks – Sewing). It began as hand-stitched and moved on to machine-stitched when I got a machine, so the quality varies, but I’m glad you like it!


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