Tea Glass Replacements

Roommate whispers, “Have you looked outside?  There’s a gang of kids wandering around the complex with lightsabers….”

To amend our sad Horde glass loss, I purchased two more tea glasses to etch, this time with Water Tribe (Avatar: The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra) symbols.  Apparently I have Art ADD, because I keep wanting to replace broken things with other things that don’t match the set.

Glass Etch - Water Tribe glasses

These lovelies had some minor stencil mishaps, but each misstep is a lesson learned.  (Excuse me as I curse for my mistakes – @!#&$%*%&$*#@&%$@#%&$#%&$#** – ok, I’m done.)  This was my first experience with tiny details and swooping curves, so learning experiences all around.  ($%#^@*$^#@.)


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