Mountain Dew Cake Bites

I was having a “day” (not a bad day, just a day where things keep happening at odd, unexpected times), so I bought a silicone mold at Michaels (my first time to a Michaels craft store).  I wanted to make Minecraft snacks, but all of my baking/decorating materials were at my parents’ house and Roommate mentioned maybe baking a cake which put me in a mood.

I took the white cake mix and replaced most of the water with Mountain Dew before baking.  It was that simple.  After they cooled, I used a bread knife to cut their tops flat, mixed Mountain Dew into the tub frosting (I suggest making your own frosting for these circumstances), and stacked them two bites high for cubes.  This will be great for Minecraft treats!

Cooking - Mountain Dew Cake Bites

Also, meet one of our patio lizards.  Neighbor told me a nest hatched on his patio (5-6 baby lizards) that his grandson was feeding.  They’re everywhere out here.

backyard lizard


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