Return to the Zoo! – photography

Roommate’s mother returned with her to spend a few days in the apartment with us, so we went once more to the zoo (with Niece)!  Five hours later, we were finally leaving to go grocery shopping, pick up dinner, and finally collapse at home.

The peacock in the window actually stalked us.  We went to get lunch and he came up to the window… preening… just for us.  Some girls get the guys who buy them a drink – we get a showoff peacock.  :)

Then some idiot actually threw a cherry tomato at the gorilla.  Have you ever wanted to backhand someone into a carnivorous animal exhibit?  “It’s just a tomato, the gorilla’s eating it, what’s the problem?”  A) There is a posted sign saying that THE GORILLAS WILL THROW OBJECTS AT YOU.  Don’t throw stuff at them first!  B) Unless you’ve done your research, you may be feeding an animal something they literally can’t eat (like dogs with chocolate or grapes) because it could kill them.  C) There are posted signs saying there are SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS.  Sheesh.

ABQ Zoo - 08-03 - 016

And finally, this adorable fella.  I’m taking him to Hogwarts with me as soon as I get my acceptance letter!


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