New Apartment Recap (Sat & Sun)

I know that in the grand scheme of things, three days without internet isn’t awful, yet it’s still so bad!  I purchased the modem and service two weeks ago; last week, before we moved up here for keeps, I got a call saying they needed someone to come in and find where the wiring was.  I called the man, he said he would come before the end of the day, and he never showed up and all my calls went to voicemail.  So I called tech supposed, got hold of a new person, and now I have a free wireless speed upgrade and a person to come over and make sure it actually works.

NOW I HAVE INTERNET!  I have named our network MIB Surveillance Outpost.

Now, here are the life updates I can finally post (from home)!

7/26 (Saturday) – The Move

Mom and I woke up at 4am and couldn’t sleep, so we woke Dad and were on the road by 6am (two hours earlier than planned).  It was over 90-degrees out, but we got everything unloaded before lunch.  We ate at Fuddrucker’s (I love their Bacon Cheddar burgers) and then my parents took Roommate and I shopping for groceries.  (Both our mothers seem to have this fear that we’re going to run out of food and not tell them until we starve to death, lol.)

Roommate and I found a cute dish pattern at Target (we have flippin’ four Targets!  FOUR!) and each bought a plate.  It may sound strange to only keep two plates in the house, but that ensures we wash that sucker every single time.  Then Roommate made spaghetti & sausage, broccoli, and I whipped out a loaf of French bread with salted butter for dinner.  While her family often ate meals together, my family has slipped into the habit of getting food and dispersing to our separate rooms to eat.  Having the actual dinner experience feels good.

Also, Roommate has managed to save the rosebush out back!  We have our first bloom.

Rosebush (first bloom) 1b

7/27 (Sunday) – We’re Adults!  Let’s Go to the Zoo!

Having bought some beautiful blue towels, Roommate and I went to the laundry facility in the apartment complex.  (I hadn’t used it yet.)  While laundry itself was pretty boring, Roommate reminded me to clean out the lint filters and… well, just look for yourself.

dryer lint (7-2014)

With a majority of the day still before us, Roommate and I decided to go to the zoo!  It was a sunny, 90-degree day out, so we put on shorts and tees, sprayed on some sunscreen, and hopped in the car with water and Gatorade and my camera’s battery fully-charged!  While on the interstate, Roommate’s brother called asking for a ride.  Just as we were turning around to get him, a cloud burst and spilled its guts upon the high-speed road.  (We’re small-town drivers, the interstate on a sunny day is stressful enough.)  So we turned around, drove back across town (passing the apartment), and just for making us journey so far, we scared the twizzlers out of her brother!  He didn’t know we were so close or driving up behind him in the parking lot when she honked the horn.  It was sweet revenge.

About an hour later, we were back out on the interstate heading for the zoo.  We crossed under the cloud burst again and came out the other side just long enough to buy our tickets.  While it was drizzly and cold, I managed to snag 600+ pictures of varying quality on my camera.

This… hippo…  I don’t even know how to say this.  It was playing with its deflated ball by the bridge while I was taking pictures.  Suddenly, it started wagging its tail all crazy cute-like, so I snapped some pictures.  Then people on the bridge began to yell.  It was FLINGING ITS POOP AT THEM WITH ITS TAIL.


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