New Apartment Recap (Mon & Tues)

7/28 (Mon) – Still No Internet…

Monday, Roommate and I decided to be proactive and went shopping.  I bought ArmourEtch (glass-etching creme) from Hobby Lobby and tested it on a few things.  I had never used it before and had only seen it done on YouTube videos.  After the initial test, I sent Roommate to buy me some cheap tea glasses (I had to wait for the internet repairman to come – which he never did) and made us some more-unique drinking glasses.

The etching is fainter than I would have liked and according to everything I’ve read, there is no way to etch color onto the glass, so for now, this will do.  My X-Acto knife skills have declined some since my college collage days, so I cut out three identical Horde symbols and used both halves as stencils.  FOR THE HORDE!!

Then, as we still had no internet, we walked to a nearby Starbucks (168 feet, as the crow flies), but their internet was down, too.  It was rainy and thundering.  I had a giant white hot chocolate and watched a big ol’ dog hiding in terror from the rain under his owner’s bible study table.

7/29 (Tues) – On My Own… Without Internet…

Ten minutes after I woke up, Roommate returned with Niece in tow.  They headed back to Roommate’s parents house for the week (she and her mother will return next weekend for some family time) and left me to wait on the internet man – a different internet man.  I called tech support, finally got an actual “appointment” made in the company’s system, and then I had to wait from noon to 5pm for the guy to show up.  So I stayed in the apartment, alone, fidgeting to get out of the house.  He finally arrived at 4:45pm and got us set up.  (I’m not sure what he did, but it worked.)  So now we have internet!  Most of the day is wasted, but I think I’ll go dip in the pool again.



I’ve gathered a few storm/scenery images over the last few days, though I can’t distinguish when/where each of them came from.


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