City Shopping – new toys!

Mom, Sister, Roommate, and I went to the city yesterday to go shopping at the mall.  This mall’s Sears is about as large as my parents’ entire mall.  (And people thought I was moving for a job.  Psh.)

I’ve been sick for a few days and, sadly, didn’t have the strength to shop as I would have liked… but once I found a purse, the buying-barrier was broken and I went on to do great and wondrous deeds– I mean, spend money on stuff.

First, there was the purse.  On clearance.  I know I just put in a lot of time and effort into my Undercity Satchel, but as I stated, my tailoring skill is very low.  It just needed to be redone or replaced.  So I bought a larger purse (able to hold my Undercity Satchel inside of it, add a 1L water bottle, and still hold more), and then I forced Roommate to return to a previous store to buy what I had denied myself roughly half an hour earlier.

Jupiter wall scroll

When Sailor Moon first came out (in America), I was in early elementary school.  Amy was my favorite until the moment Lita – Sailor Jupiter – came around.  For a child who hasn’t lived long enough to define themselves, the physical similarities between myself and Lita helped me identify with her more than any other character.  She was the tallest, had brown hair, pierced ears, and wasn’t afraid to chase boys and kick ’em in the shins when they teased her for getting gum in her hair!  (…that last one may not have been something Lita would do.)  You can really forget how little there was to yourself when you were a child.  Go easy on the little ones in your life, eh?  This scroll is going to hang either on my bedroom door (if I can fasten it securely) or on the hallway wall just beside my room.

Then I was a good adult and bought towels for my new bathroom… and a Rainbow Dash figurine to keep my Pinkie Pie company.

Pinkie Pie & Rainbow Dash figures

I’ve been to Target frequently looking for a “proper” Rainbow Dash who didn’t have derpy eyes, but this was the first one I found.  Both she and Pinkie Pie were $2.99 and stocked at the registers, which makes me wonder if they were “recycled” from opened and returned toys (or defective to begin with and sold at a cheaper price).  I don’t have a problem with Pinkie Pie, but if they’re going to make only the toys of characters from the show, you’d think they would remember to give Rainbow Dash the OTHER COLORS OF THE RAINBOW in her hair.  (Yeah, yeah, “If you knew she didn’t have blue and green, why did you buy it?  Why didn’t you just buy the good one?  It was only two dollars more!”  Because the “good” one had stupid glittery hair, that’s why, inner-commentator!)

A successful trip, I have to say.  I even have money left over and can afford to buy some new Pokemon cards– I mean, I’m an adult!  I’ll do, um, adulty things like order pizza.  Yeah.


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