Too Soon? – a rant

Not to jinx it, but it sounds like Roommate and I may be moving as early as THIS WEEKEND.

We’ve known since Roommate’s acceptance that we would have to be moved before August when her classes began (and before all the near-campus housing was gone), but when the leasing officer said, “We can have you signing a lease as early as Saturday,” things got real.

There are minor changes in the apartment layout compared to the apartment we had been shown all this time (which is now inhabited).  It opens to a wonderfully-shady little area with tall trees to block the wind, a grilling area practically on our front porch, and a picnic table, but that means the living room is dark even with the blinds pulled back at noon.

I’ve grown tired of hearing, “It’s a wonderful thing for someone your age to get an apartment this safe and nice.  Why are you complaining?” and “You’ll take what you get,” from the adults in my life.  I know this move is wonderful, I’m excited about it, I’ve been packing for it since before we looked at apartments for goodness sake; it doesn’t mean I have to be happy about all of my interior design plans being ruined by the layout changes!  Who likes having their long-term plans ruined and then being scolded for daring to be upset?

I love Roommate’s parents, I’ve spent enough time with them over the last few months that we joke that they’re my in-laws, but I feel like they’re doing “too much” for us.  I wanted us to work our way up – level up, if you will – into having nice dishes that match and each room a different theme, etc.  I want new, matching things, but if they buy it all for us, what have we earned?  Given that our goal in life is to be completely independent of our parents, I don’t want to use “cheat codes” no matter how much easier it would make our lives.  (…groceries, though, I’ll let them buy.  Let’s not starve to death before we can be independent…)


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