New Candy Molds

For those new to my ravings, I am a Pokemon Breeder.  I have hatched thousands and thousands of Pokemon eggs in my time.  That made me want to do something with eggs.  I found a little chocolates/soaps mold online (Cybertrayd) and ordered it with along with a “mini game player” (AKA, Gameboy without violating copyright) mold.  Let’s face it, in the gaming/fantasy industry, you can do tons of stuff with eggs – Pokemon eggs, Digimon eggs, dragon eggs, phoenix eggs, chocobo eggs, Yoshi eggs, the list goes on and on!

SMALL EGGS Easter Candy Mold  LITTLE ELECTRONIC GAME Kids Chocolate Candy Mold
Egg MoldGaming Mold

I’m really looking forward to working with these.  I’ve gotten a little tired of my sugar cookies (who hasn’t?) and the straight candy melts are a sugar overload.  I hope to work with these soon~


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