Books & Movies – a rant

Books are an amazing thing.  I saw the movie Dune years ago and my friend told me it was amazing…but I had trouble staying awake through it.  Last night, while watching it as background noise, I decided to download the book.  One chapter in and I already understand so much more about the story!

Nook Glowlight

For instance, the Bene Gesserit sisterhood is out to save humanity by weeding out the “non-humans” who lost their humanity by turning into machines and/or back to humans.  That is why, when Paul is tested with The Box and the Reverend Mother’s gom jabar, she says that he “may be human,” but that only a human can overpower their animal instincts to remove their hand from the box/pain.

A true book-based movie/show is hard to come by (I think The Secret Garden is the closest novel representation I have ever seen), so if you really want to know all there is to know, you have to both watch and read.  Or listen.  There are a lot of audiobooks out there for download or on CD; turn one on when you want to hear a story on your way to work or, if you’re not very good at reading, play the audiobook and follow along in the book.


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