A Sad Day…

On this day, one year ago, we put my first puppy to sleep.  She was twelve years old, diabetic, blind, crippled/arthritic, and a part of my family since we first moved south.

Eb and Miki

When my sister convinced Mom she needed her own dog, Ebony became mine (officially).  Last June 18th, Ebony was humanely euthanized because she could not walk, see, hear, and was diabetic.  We waited until the last possible moment to say goodbye to my sweet little elder-pup.

She left another in her wake.  Mikayli, my sister’s dog.  Miki was sorely left with the family unit when my sister married and moved out.  Upon the death of Ebony, I took Mikayli as my own.  (Some of you may recognize her as my shed-cleaning buddy.)  We went to the dog park, walks, and, despite how I hate her unending, antagonizing beagle bay, I came to love her.

Tomorrow, that may end.


We noticed she had a bad limp Sunday morning.  Her hind legs have been weak for years now, but she refused to put any weight on her front leg, leaving most of her weight on the single front leg.  Vet put her on pain medicine and sent her back home.  Today, she literally could not walk.  I followed her around the yard for forty minutes holding up her hips while she ate, drank, piddled, and decided where to bunker down.  We’re hoping so, so much that the pain medicine is just making her loopy or else one year and one day after Ebony was euthanized, Miki will have to be put down, too.

Mikayli 2

This whole business has been very sudden.  Ebony was my very first puppy, but she gave us a few diabetic months before she slowly withered away.  Mikayli will have gone from full-speed to nothing in under a week.  We, just earlier today, returned the dog we were watching to his owner to give Miki a chance to heal.  That may mean tomorrow night will be the first time in 13 years that we have no dogs…


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