Arm Paints

My day at Roommate’s house making Harry Potter-style wands didn’t go quite according to plan.  Roommate works night shifts and slept clear through till 6pm (her phone died, so she never heard the 3 phone calls and numerous text messages I’d been sending since 6am) (Wow, I’m a phone stalker…), so I spent the late morning/early afternoon with Niece.

Our wands came out pretty bad… but her 6-year-old attention span got us painting with acrylic on each other.  …Mine were slightly more, um, everything good than hers, what with my 17 years experience + Bachelor in Fine Arts degree.

(Sorry for the bad image quality, all I had was my phone camera.)

Arm Eyes 1

Arm Eyes 2

…Why can’t I ever paint like this on a stretched canvas?!

It’s tradition for me to artistically cover my Dad’s work/reminders white board in random sketches in order to impede his life progress.  This was my newest one when he called me in for tech support after he got two Blue Screen of Death in the last two days:


 That, of course, is me in the background commanding the computer to ruin his life in every way possible – apart from deleting his game save data.  That’s a cruelty I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  (OK, that’s a lie, I wish my worst enemy lost Save Data all the time!  But you get the gist.)


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