Harry Potter Wands – a new (group) project!

I saw a cute video on YouTube about crafting Harry Potter wands from hot glue and chopsticks.  I felt the chopsticks were too small for my needs, but I found some 1/4″ dowels at Hobby Lobby that were cheap and worked much better.

Without further ado, MY FIRST WAND!

Harry Potter Wand A1


  • hot glue gun + hot glue sticks (of the matching temperature)
  • chopsticks or dowels (there are a variety of sizes and widths, choose carefully!)
  • acrylic paint (blue, red, yellow, black, white, and I got a little bottle of metallic gold for accents)
  • whatever paint brushes you are most familiar with for painting
  • clear acrylic sealer (either paint-on or aerosol)

Harry Potter Wand A2


  1. Heat up glue gun.  Be sure you have plenty of glue!  The two complimentary glue sticks in a hot glue gun package will not go far enough.
  2. Take a dowel and layer on your glue to create your designs.  When slightly cooled, you can sort of mold it into shape, but this is a very small window of time, so plan how far ahead you’re going to go.
  3. Paint to your liking.  (General hint for those mixing their own paint: brown is dark orange.)
  4. When the paint has dried, seal it with a clear coat (either paint or spray on) and let it dry.  Then you’re done!

The Harry Potter stories have created quite a little cult of defenders against the cult of Christians out to get it.  For your enjoyment, I attached an amusing article my sister found years ago online: The Immaculate Conception as Perverted in the Pagan Harry Potter Books.  (It’s a bit of a long read, but amusing – unless you agree with it, in which case, read up!  You’re slacking!)

When it first came out, Christians vs. Harry Potter seemed so serious.  I had a roommate briefly in college who wouldn’t marry her high school sweetheart because his side of religion said their children couldn’t enjoy Harry Potter.  My parents highly discouraged my sister and I from reading (and later watching) Harry Potter, but they gave up pretty fast.  There’s just not enough wrong with it – even the Pope has decreed Harry Potter harmless!  It’s people using their natural gifts to defeat the one who wants terror and hatred to reign, their gifts just happen to be defined as “magic.”  Despite what the article above says, broomsticks in Quidditch do not teach a girl to sexually “abuse” herself, Harry Potter is not the devil because he has green eyes “like a snake,” and even if Dobby is the symbolic representation of all genetic testing, he still had more heart than Voldemort (“God” because he has three names, like the holy trinity) ever did!

(Please keep a humorous mindset when reading this article or else you may just get upset.)

As I said, it seemed so serious at the time.  Harry Potter was hardcore high school politics among the students.  These days, it’s more like a  lingering phenomenon.  You see a Gryffindor tie at Hot Topic and you know what it is – you know that it’s Harry Potter, that it’s one of the four houses, you just know.  But Niece?  She’s only six.  She’s heard about Harry Potter, maybe she’s seen the movies with her dad, but she doesn’t know them.  She didn’t grow up with them, she never waited anxiously for the next movie to come out, it wasn’t a part of her life.  See how much of an impact it’s had in the end?  All seems so silly for the effort we gave it.


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