Tornado Warning

About ten years ago, before I actually moved to Little City, a tornado came through and went up and down the main road, zigzagging, and caused a lot of damage.  (A moment of silence for the cows…)

When we moved up here, we got a house right across the street from a tornado siren.  It goes off every Wednesday at 4pm, but when it goes off at an unusual time, we really can’t dismiss it because of the tornado that came through years ago.


There were a few touchdowns in other parts of the city, one fairly close, but our house has only gotten vast amounts of rain, thunder, and my sister’s cat mewing up the place.  Meanwhile, Dad and I were stuck in our bathroom… wondering who would die in a fight so that the other could use the bathroom in privacy.  Now we know that our house would not be affected, but if I hadn’t called Dad in because I heard of a tornado touching down, he would have just sat in front of the TV complaining about the loss of satellite connection.

Now, back to my Undercity Satchel!


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