Undercity Satchel – a new project

I only recently began playing World of Warcraft (in Nov 2013), but I have become fast friends with it.  FOR THE HORDE!

I am also a female and females love bags.  I love my current purse, but it has proven time and time again that it’s just too small, so I have embarked upon a quest to make my own larger, suitable, and geeky purse.  An Undercity Satchel!  (My little dreams of having an identifiable real-life Undercity Satchel were crushed earlier this week when I learned that the Draenaic Leather Pack uses the same icon, but we’re going to pretend that doesn’t exist, OK?)


Today, I have already accomplished (most of) step 1 of building my Undercity Satchel: buy the supplies!  As my only supply store is Hobby Lobby and they had no color even worthy of replacing the purple with, I had my first experience with dyeing fabric as I made white canvas purple!  (My dad stopped to ask why I had a bucket of grape juice sitting in the kitchen.)  Noteworthy lessons learned: when the instructions say to give your fabric plenty of room in the dye to move… they weren’t kidding.  I have color-density crease marks.  But, hey, it’s “homemade”.  It’s a mark of work and love.  And they will be hidden inside to the best of my ability, so pffth!

Undercity Satchel A

The nylon straps available at my Hobby Lobby are sorely limited in color and only come in 1″ thick.  It may be augmented/replaced by dyed purple canvas straps before the end of creation.  Also, I seem to have enough white canvas left over that, if I mess up, I could probably make another bag without having to visit the store!  (Yay!)  I haven’t bought the interfacing yet because I know I have some around the house (probably that I’ll never find) and I have plenty of leftover Tetris quilt scraps to make the inner lining.  The “buckles” may or may not be added on – I want this to be a very simple purse, but I’m also a nerd who loves little danglies.  The random chains and metal zippers were half of my love of the goth culture when I went pseudo-goth in junior high/high school.

Thanks for keeping up with my oddity of the day!  I shall update again when next I complete any kind of productive work!

Also, my previous purse (which I still love): GaMERCaT from SugarBunnyShop.com!

GaMERCaT Game On! Shoulder Bag


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