Accidental Awesomosity – a Pokemon birth

I was actually trying to breed up to a 6IV first, but since I got my Shiny Charm yesterday, apparently that was enough to slap me with a shiny!  Meet Shivers, my new shiny Gastly.

Gastly shiny (Shivers) 2

Species: Ghastly, National Pokedex #92
Type: Ghost/Poison
Spr 4d 092.pngSpr 4d 092 s.png


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but 4 hours and 10 minutes later, still under 200 total bred Gastlies, I bred a second shiny!  Another female, but with 5-IVs.  Her name is Chills.  I won’t post a picture because, let’s face it, she looks exactly the same as her older sister above.


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