Spring Cleaning / Storage Shed Diving, day 4

Today was a LONG day.

I went out into the sheds early, trying to beat the heat, and rummaged through the final 2 bins.  Then began the tedious task of going through the living room – the bins and boxes that would be out in storage if not for heat-sensitive cargo.  This simple activity turned into a 10+ hour Spring Cleaning.  My living room is not only dusted, it has been fully rearranged, the floor is visible, more than a single person can comfortably watch the television, and I got art up on the walls.

I am so sore that I feel like an old lady.

No real treasure was found today (save a LOT of pet dust bunnies), but here are some pictures I snapped of my mother’s front yard irises that started blooming today!  We always think they’re dead, but they spring back up after winter!


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