Storage Shed Diving, day 2

Going through everything in the storage shed was a far larger undertaking than originally expected.  Today I went through my old bins again, but this time with the express intent of throwing most of it away.  When I move this summer, I don’t want to leave behind junk for my parents to watch over.

Treasures of today include:
– 100+ YuGiOh cards
– 100+ Dragonball Z cards (that I didn’t know I had)
– school yearbooks from 1997 thru 2008
– the read-along manual for an MS-DOS Fellowship of the Ring game my father and sister and I all played together.
– my first gameboy, a GBA (not SP) with surprisingly functional AA batteries.

Storage Shed - Gameboy Advance

Also, I had another helper cat today.  She gingerly inventoried all of my things by laying on them, knocking them over, or just generally sitting where I wanted to put them.


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