Recent Sculpey Projects

Sculpey Charms - game controllers & earrings

I don’t know why, but my Sculpey projects seem to just take forever for me to photograph.  They’re 3D so I have to get the right lighting (which I’m terrible at – I’m sorry) and that’s after I mold them, bake them, paint them with 3-6 layers of paint, and gloss them (if I don’t mess up on anything and have to start over).

Here are some of my 2014 projects: Floppy Disk earrings and charm, Xbox controller charm, Playstation controller charm, and a Wiimote charm.

And finally, my latest addition to my small chests collection, the “Queen of Diamonds” chest!  (This one has the best external decoration yet.)

Sculpey Trunk - Queen of Diamonds


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