April Sugar Cookies

For those who know me in real life, I love to bake and, particularly, to frost and decorate my creations.  Last night, I decided to make some Pokeball cake pops… which failed miserably…..  Thankfully, I also started sugar cookie dough, which survived.

I dyed some dough sparingly with “super black” dye to make gray, though it came out an odd shade of purple, and the blue cookie icing was runnier than– you don’t want to know what it was runnier than.  I  didn’t make too many Lapis Lazuli ore cookies because of this.  (Limited edition!)

April Sugar Cookies - Lapis Lazuli

The leaky cookies have been removed from the photograph to maintain our PG rating.

I was sorely depressed after my cake pops and runny Lapis Lazuli cookies, but I still had half a cake to use and I vowed to make better cake pops than the following morning!  This also failed.  I then continued with my sugar cookie dough to make some bad LEGO cookies (unpictured, because they were bad).

Finally, I bought some “electric yellow” food dye and made a batch of Batman cookies.  Much better.

April Sugar Cookies - Batman

While the sugar cookie dough was chilling in the fridge, I realized I had the perfect color dough to avenge my Pokeball cake pops failure!  So I made some Pikachu heads.

April Sugar Cookies - Pikachu

Some Pikachus were harmed in the making of these cookies.
Traumatized ear-amputees were removed from the photograph to maintain our PG rating.


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