Tetris Quilt – in progress

Tetris Quilt A

I’ve had this little incomplete project in my room and, when I went to find the right thread to finish it, I found the accumulation of a Tetris quilt I began nearly a year ago.  I put in a good deal of time on it last night and plan to complete it… once I buy more fabric… but here is what I have finished so far.  This isn’t even the entire length of the quilt (and it certainly isn’t the width).  I hope to make matching pillowcases (or throw pillows) when I have the quilt completed so my bed can be one giant 8-bit display.

I have never been much of a quilter and, personally, most of the sewing projects I undertake fail miserably.  An 8-bit quilt is a good way for me to go.  Straight angles, mathematical measuring (which I love), and bright colors.  I began with hand-sewing while house-sitting with thick (strong) thread and a thick needle, thinking that would make it stronger.  Urm, no.  Now there is an obvious difference (as seen in real life, which this photo does not show well) between where I hand stitched, where I machine stitched, and where I machine stitched once I learned how to do it properly.


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